Do You Qualify For Our Rental Guarantee Program?


It’s simple. You have credit issues; corporate partners have established excellent credit. This program helps you rent anywhere of your choosing at just about any apartment community or private owner in your area, by submitting an application on your behalf under the management company’s or landlord’s corporate leasing option. The corporate partner will submit your name as the official occupant that will be residing on the property. The property manager will review the corporate partner's financials, rental history, and business credit score; which will grant you housing approval. This program does not require a credit check at any point, but applicants must have a clean criminal background.


  1. Must have source of income.
  2. Monthly Rent Amount: $700.00 and up. 
  3. Must have clean criminal background.
  4. Move-in day must be at least 30 Days from joining the program ( In many cases we are able to move our clients in much sooner, but we require a minimum of a 30 day contract to work the case and close the deal ).   

We Guarantee you’ll get approved for a quality rental in your selected area or your money back. Period.

Strategy for getting our clients APPROVED:



After the client has toured and selected the apartment or home they would like to rent an assigned case manager will initiate contact with the property manager or landlord in regards to our client’s interest in their rental property.  




The case manager will then submit a lease online or faxed application on the client’s behalf, the client’s name will be submitted as the primary occupant that will be residing on the property under our Corporate Lease.



After the management company or landlord reviews our corporate financials to prove we are financially supportive of the lease term, positive rental history, rental references, and excellent business credit score; our client will be granted housing approval under our corporate lease. There is absolutely no personal credit check on our client, only a criminal background check. The client is solely responsible for paying the monthly rent, required deposits, and other bills related to the property.


Cost & Fee's

There are two separate payments into the program:

Fee A: The $500.00 Service fee is due upfront. 

 Fee B: Risk Fee due After the client has searched, toured, and selected the rental property they would like for their assigned case manager to submit a rental application on their behalf. The Risk Fee is $995.00 or  Equal to the monthly amount of rent if greater than $995.00. Example: If your rent is $1100.00, then the one-time risk fee is $1100.00.   


Purpose of the $500.00 Service Fee Due Upfront: 

  • A guaranteed approved rental application in your selected area, protected by a 100% money back guarantee.
  • An account manager will review and process your unique case, housing needs, and rental application. 
  • Assist in the search for housing, communicate and submit rental applications from your selected rental properties with local property managers/landlords on your behalf. 
  • 24-hour client support, 7 days a week.

Purpose of Risk Fee Due AFTER client has searched, toured, and selected their chosen rental property: 

  • Using our corporate financials, positive rental history, and excellent credit score to secure the approval of a rental property on the client's behalf. 
  • Risking our positive credentials to secure housing for what the credit industry classifies as ''high risk renters''. If a client defaults on their rental agreement we are legally held 100% responsible for paying the entire 12 months lease term. The risk fee allows us to minimize our risk just a tad bit.  
  • Our corporate entities and/or partners do not profit off the risk fee until after the client's lease term has been fulfilled and expired. Risk Fee's from all clients are placed on hold for 1 year to help prove our business is financially supportive to support the risk associated with our rental occupants. This is a key factor in securing the approval of our clients.  

(Optional) Free Services Provided to all Clients: 

  • Consultation on removing unfair evictions, broken leases, and other negative items off your credit report to help boost credit score.
  • Consultation on adding positive past rental history on credit report to boost your credit score. We offer clients a solution to adding unreported past positive rental history on their credit report to boost their credit score.




Other Potential Cost and Fees: 

App/Admin Fee:

If the property management company or landlord requires an application and/or administrative fee to apply for the selected rental property clients are solely responsible for paying the required app/admin fee.

Monthly Rent and Utilities:

Clients are solely responsible for paying the monthly rent directly to the property management company or landlord, and paying any other bills associated with the rental property.


Will I have to pay a Risk Fee to the corporate guarantor partner before approval into a rental property or after?

Clients are required to pay the Risk Fee just prior to move in or they may opt to pay the risk fee once they've selected a rental property they would like to move forward with. 

Will I be required to pay a risk fee to the corporate guarantor partner plus a security deposit to the property manager or landlord?

Each case is different, and the answer to this question largely depends on the policy of the management company or landlord, and the assigned corporate partner. Most of our corporate partner's don't require any extra security deposits beyond the risk fee. You will only be required to pay a risk fee to the corporate guarantor partner. Our corporate partner will use their excellent credit, proof of financials, and positive rental history to secure the approval. However, management companies and landlords security deposit requirement varies depending on their business policy.    

What is a Risk Fee? 

A risk fee is very similar to a security deposit, in terms of cost it’s $995.00 or  Equal to the monthly amount of rent if greater than $995.00. Example: If your rent is $1100.00, then the one-time risk fee is $1100.00. The difference between a risk fee and security deposit is security deposits are usually paid to property managers or landlords, a risk fee is a popular term used by corporate lease facilitators. The purpose of a risk fee is to protect our corporate partner in cases of rental defaults or eviction. If a client defaults on their rent the corporate partner would be legally held solely responsible for paying up the term of the lease. 



   ''96.4% Approval Rate! Highest Approval Rate in the Second Chance Housing Industry!''

How Do I Get Started? 

Step 1: Make sure you can mark the following off your check list for approval into the program: 

  • I have a source of income to pay a monthly rent of at least $700.00 and up. 
  • I have a clean criminal background.
  • I am prepared to pay a Risk Fee to a corporate guarantor partner to secure the approval.     

Step 2: Request an Invoice to join the Rental Guarantee Program.  

Step 3: After your payment has been received, you will be re-directed to complete a full rental application. This information will be forwarded to your assigned case manager and used to apply on your behalf at your selected rental properties.

Step 4: Search, Tour, and Select rental properties. Provide your case manager with 3 to 5 options. Your case manager will contact the property manager or landlord and take the best approach to get you approved based on the details of your unique case. 

How long does it take for a client to move into a rental with this program?

We require a minimum of 30 days to work the case and close the deal. However, every situation is different, so the proper answer is it’s a case by case basis. We have clients who move in as soon as 3 days from joining the program. We also have clients who list their move in date as 30 days or more from their application submission. This mostly depends on the client.  The faster you submit your full rental application package, the sooner you will move. Your monthly rental budget and desired location also plays a factor. Please have reasonable expectations when selecting your monthly rental budget and desired location. Example: If a customer selects they are re-locating to Manhattan, NY, wants a 2 bedroom, with a rental budget of $500.00 a month. Manhattan, NY is a very high demand upscale area, and the average rent in Manhattan is $3,900.00/month (For a 1 bedroom). Therefore, locating an apartment rental for $500.00 a month is impossible; especially for second chance renters. We can only provide the customer with results based on what’s available in that area for the rental amount. We respectfully request that customers are reasonable in their expectations and will strongly consider the average apartment rental amount in their desired area of interest when selecting their rental budget for a housing rental.

Is this program for standard housing or luxury?


How are we able to get clients approved that most property managers and landlords decline?

It’s easy. Firstly, we use hundreds of strategies depending on the unique requirements of the client. The most common strategy is this: Most property management companies and landlords approve or deny an applicant based on their credit profile with the credit bureaus. If the applicant credit score is low with past evictions and broken leases on it the property manager/landlord fear that the applicant may be a high risk renter who will likely break the lease or go into eviction status. Our clients personal case manager and corporate partner communicates directly with the property manager/landlord and informs them that your leasing agreement with them is BACKED by us, we prove that we are financially supportive with official banking documentation to take on the risk, we agree to assume responsibility shall the client default on their rent, and we prove our long positive rental history with other clients. BAM! You’ve been approved. We’ve helped over 330,000 clients nationwide using this method, and it’s worked every single time.