Refund Policy:

We offer a Money Back Guarantee if we fail to fulfill our service agreement, which literally never happens if given a fair opportunity to help our clients. It’s not fair that we take your money if you don’t get any value out of our service. However, before paying us any money please be sure this is a program for you. Our team works extremely hard to get our clients approved for quality housing, so you must be willing to give us a fair opportunity to help you get approved for housing. Our Program Works! If you are not committed to the process of getting you approved for a property rental in your selected area do not make any payments to us or our corporate partner. This program is for serious applicants only.

Details of refund policy:

If fails to fulfill our service agreement in successfully getting a client approved for housing, will refund the client 100% of all fees paid to our company. Period. Point Black.  

If a customer joins our program and later decides to drop out before allowing our team to serve them will only be granted a 50% refund of the Registration Fee.  

If a customer fails to submit requested documents, information, or application payments to property management companies or landlords to give their account or case manager the information and authorization needed to work their case will only be granted a 50% refund of the Registration Fee.